On having a chocolate Fondue

Hey everyone,

On Saturday me and my boyfriend decided to give ourselves a little pre-Valentine’s treat – which involved an awful lot, I repeat, an awful lot of chocolate. Since we got a Fondue kit for Christmas and never tried it before due to us being busy, we decided that we should totally go for it this time. And so we did!

We followed all the given instructions, which were to melt chocolate with oil over a bowl – or in our case pan – of boiling water. We did this for about 5 to 10 minutes, and then we had our smooth mix of delicious chocolate, which we then had to pour in the Fondue cooker. We kept the chocolate heated for a bit, until we had chopped up our selection of dips.Then, for my own satisfaction, I put some of the dips on skewers, thinking that it would work well on this occasion (I’m going to comment on that later on so keep reading through!). The bits and bobs that we used as dips can be seen in a list below:

  • Fruit16735915_1237823089605534_630106898_n





An apple

  • Haribo Marshmallows
  • 9 mini Pancakes

There is no restriction as to what can be used as dips for a chocolate Fondue. If you love it, it better be in. About putting dips on skewers,though: Since this was only a small Fondue kit, things didn’t work out quite well. WE MADE A MESS. Chocolate was dripping everywhere. But I’m not going to lie, we had loads of fun. And the mess didn’t even bother us, the deliciousness of it all was what counted most!

If you happen to own a Fondue kit yourself, or if you’re thinking of getting one, maybe you should do that soon. It’s loads of fun and very very tasty. And guess what, it’s a great thing to own no matter if you’re in a relationship or not. It’s just ace. For parties, for little gatherings, for girls’ night ins and outs…it pretty much fits everywhere…because… who would ever say no to chocolate???

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog post as much as I enjoyed typing it up for you!

Until next time,



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