Reviewing Sleek’s i-Divine ‘All Night Long’ palette

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all doing well. In today’s post I’d like to talk about makeup a little bit.

Now I’ve got to admit that I don’t usually do massive makeup hauls as I prefer to keep it au naturelle… however, I couldn’t resist but give this palette a review blog post.

One thing I really like about this palette is its name and the overall concept behind it: ‘All Night Long’. I really like how Sleek have introduced two palettes naming them ‘All Day Long’ and ‘All Night Long’. I feel it’s quite clever and quite practical, for this enables us women to keep the more fancy shades apart from the more natural ones and vice versa. I honestly feel and believe that I could live off them two palettes. Literally. One for the day and one for the night!

This post solely reviews the ‘All Night Long’ palette.

For me, its best feature is how they named each eye shadow after a cocktail! I also like how they have not only named each eye shadow after a cocktail but also how they tried to name each shade after a cocktail that shares similar features as that shade! For example, I love how the champagne shade has the corresponding colour and shimmer like actual champagne! It makes things a tad more fun. And as everyone knows: girls just wanna have fun ohhhhh girls just wanna have fun- yes, even when it comes to makeup!

For all of you who haven’t come across Sleek’s i-Divine ‘All Night Long’ palette, here’s a picture depicting and naming all the shades of the palette.


As you can see from this picture – and one thing I utterly love about the palette – is that the shades it offers are contrasting. Along the mix shimmers there are matte shades, and you can work your way through contrasting colours together or mixing shimmers with matte shades. That’s entirely up to you, what you like and fancy! Girls never say no to a little experimentation anyway when it comes to makeup, and this palette is a good buy to practice that perfect smokey eye effect!

Lastly, for the high pigmented shades that this palette secludes, this palette is highly affordable and easily accessible: you can find it in your nearest drugstore for only about 9 pounds I believe. Right now Boots are doing a buy one get one half price so if you haven’t got it yet and are tempted to, go for it!

Meanwhile, to finish off this post I’d like to say that this is my own personal opinion of the product and that I am not trying to either up sell or down sell this palette. I am well aware that while this palette works for me it might not work for others, so do bear this in mind while you read this post.

Overall this was a quick one, to say hello, and to talk you through a product that I have recently purchased and have come to use a lot and love.

If you recently bought this palette and have tried it out I’d like to know what you think of it. Just leave a comment below with what you think its pros and cons are and let’s turn this into chit chat!

Until next time,



6 thoughts on “Reviewing Sleek’s i-Divine ‘All Night Long’ palette

    • Maria says:

      Thank you! Yeah it is indeed, especially if you’re a total savvy for anything beige and shimmery! Would totally recommend, its worth a try for that price anyway!

      Yup will most definitely do, thanks! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. ughmango says:

    That eyeshadow palette looks gorgeous, I love how all the shades are not too outstanding so they would work perfectly for me! I always only hear good things when it comes to sleek’s makeup products! I wish I could try them out but we don’t have a drugstore that sells sleek here where I live ☹️


    • Maria says:

      Yeah like I’m not into extreme eyeshadows either l so this one here has worked brilliantly for me! Aww no that’s terrible! Hopefully you’ll be able to get your hands on a few sleek products by ordering them online? More expensive as you have to pay for delivery, but always an option I guess!!


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