Loreal Paris 636 ‘Mahogany Studs’ Lipstick Review

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all well!

Today’s post will be a lippy review as I have recently purchased a lipstick that I have been wearing non-stop! It’s the Loreal Paris Color Riche Matte 636, titled ‘Mahogany Studs’.

I have come to love this one. Where do I begin?!

As you all may know, I’m not a massive make-up fan but this lipstick has captured my heart. And this rarely happens with makeup.

Here’s some pictures of how it looks.


I have been trying to find a new lippy to experiment with for quite a while now and I have to admit: this is the one! Its nude shade, with a pink/brownish undertone in it and can be worn 24/7. Honestly, no joke!

Off to work and fancy a little bit of colour, but not too much? Try Mahogany Studs. Out for cocktails but don’t want to be walking around in a smudged lippy from all the drinking? Try Mahogany Studs. It’s a real deal breaker!

It has worked perfectly on my lips so far! Unlike many lipsticks, this one does not show off the creases on my lips. It is smooth when applied and has a matte finish. For people who prefer to keep it au naturelle, like me, I recommend this a 100%. Personally, after applying it, I prefer wiping a bit off my lips with an ear bud to look even more natural. But there’s nothing wrong with the original shade once applied, it’s just how I prefer to wear it, I guess.

Here’s a picture of the original shade.


It’s not the most long-lasting lipstick but I’d say that’s because of its shade. Darker shades usually last a little bit longer. While this is not an issue for me, it might be for other makeup/lippy lovers, so do bear that in mind before you get this lipstick.

Luckily, you can purchase ‘Mahogany Studs’ at any available drugstore near you. I got mine from Boots and it was around 7-8 pounds, I can’t remember the exact price. All I know is that it is a super affordable lipstick with which you can make make-up miracles! Paired with almost any look, this one is definitely to be kept!

I will give 4/5, as it seems to fade quickly, but overall this shade is what I have been looking for! Very easy to wear, even though it’s matte. And you can rock it anytime of the day: be it at work or a cocktail bar! Sounds like a keeper to me!?


And into my make-up pouch it goes!

Have you tried the Loreal Paris 636 ‘Mahogany Studs’ lippy yet?

Are you tempted to after reading my review?

Let me know in the comments box below, let’s turn this review into chit chat!

Until next time,

Much love,



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