My decision to move my blog and start over (from wordpress to blogspot)

Hi everyone,

You may be aware how I haven’t posted for ages…

Well, thing is that I’ve decided to move from wordpress and discover a whole new world, that of blogspot. It wasn’t an easy decision, if I’m honest, but it was made based on a few fair points.

First, blogspot allows me to be more creative – for free. I love how I can be more in control of how my blog looks! Every day, I try and make sure that my blog becomes better and better, and blogspot allows me to do so. It’s not as easy as wordpress, but it’s worth the shot. For novices, like me, it might take a while to get used to all the coding – what each code means, when you need to use each code and for what function etc. It’s as if I’m learning a new foreign language: this is what coding is to me. And as any additional language, coding can make miracles!

I like how my blog most matches my personality at the moment, and how I can direct it wherever I want. For some, this might sound off-putting as the more opportunity you have to grow your blog in terms of appearance, the less time and effort you seem to put into improving your content, brand and overall aesthetic. I’m not going to lie, this can be an issue. But once you come in terms with yourself, what you want to write about, and what your dream blog is, then that can no longer stop you from creating amazing content.

Second, I wanted something new and fresh. WordPress seemed pretty straightforward to me, I wanted to learn more things and expand my knowledge a little bit! Moving to blogspot has allowed me to learn how to code (don’t assume that I’m a coding expert, I’ve just found myself picking up on code a lot easier than I would’ve done with wordpress)! And so far, I see blogspot as a great learning curve.

I’m not sure whether I’ll stick to blogspot forever, as it’s also got some drawbacks. I feel like you need to put a lot more effort into promoting your blog and posts. WordPress is a community, and I feel like it’s easier to grow your audience with wordpress, than with blogspot. But, of course, that’s only one unpopular opinion.

I have changed my blog’s name into my own: it couldn’t be more “mine” than it is now. It’s now called “maria’s little corner”, because, well, that’s basically what it is! My (Maria’s) little corner! My space on the internet where I share my love for clothes, beauty, food and travel. I feel that right now my blog’s name allows my content to vary a lot, which is brilliant. This freedom to write about anything that’s on my mind without worrying gives me more confidence, as I do not want my content to be labelled by my blog’s name. I like showing different aspects of my self as well, so I feel that through writing about different – but somehow very related – things, I can show who I am as a person, while simultaneously engaging with a range of audiences, at different times. I just love it.

If you guys fancy giving my new blog a look, or even a read, here’s the link:

I’ll be more than happy if any of you do!

What do you think about me moving to blogspot? Think it’s a good decision? Let me know in the comment box below!

Thanks for giving up some of your time to read this.

Until next time,

Much Love,

Maria xo


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