Hey all,

I am a 5ft 21-year-old girl with big dreams who is a Linguistics graduate, loves food, and is passionate about dogs.


Writing has always been my way of expressing my feelings and blogging just makes it a bit easier!


A Floral Soul is an alter ego of mine, which I feel represents my spirit and overall personality as a 90s kid. For me, anything floral is liberating. And so is this blog!

A Floral Soul is my little corner on the internet where I talk about anything bubbly and girly. It is a space where I shall share my opinion, and where I shall rant about stuff on lifestyle, beauty, food, travelling and so much more!

So stay tuned and feel free to follow, comment or like. I am here for any questions/requests that you may have and I’m also PR friendly.

Thanks for taking the time to read my About page!

Lots of love, DAISY